Their Library...Their Lifeline

January 9, 2013

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters and Supporters of the Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church, Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

Again, we wish you a Happy New Year! May our gracious God continue to bless you, your family and the ministry He has entrusted to each one of you through all the years ahead!

We want to extend our thanks to each one of you for all the blessings you have shared with us during the past years. With your prayers and support we are able to serve more people in our different congregations and in the community. God is adding more souls to the flock regularly and the school is experiencing a numerical increase. All the glory is to Him!

In the spirit of improving our services to the students we are working on one of our special projects, which is a library for the school. A good school cannot function without a library and especially when we focus on building character and preparing youngsters for the future. Our students have no place to go to do any type of research. We think we can at least offer them this opportunity by providing them a library where they can come and read, do research and so on. It will be a modest library made of metal walls and a metal roof (something which is not heavy). We will need at least $13,000 US to build the needed library. How can you help us in the accomplishment of this project? 250-300 students will have access to the library.

Thank you so much for your continuing support and we look forward to keeping you informed about all the progress and challenges we are experiencing in the ministry the Lord has entrusted to us all.

Brotherly yours in the Living One,

Pastor Thomas Bernard